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5 ideas for making some money while in grad school

Thursday, August 18, 2016
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5 ideas for making some money while in grad school
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Enrolling in a graduate program can be a great way to advance your career, but as Next Scientist pointed out, it can require incurring tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Even if your degree is more affordable, focusing on your classes can make it difficult to find time to make spending money. 

A robust savings account is important for most graduate students, but finding a part-time source of income can make a big difference. These need not be stressful commitments but they can make a big difference. Here are just a few ideas for making some money while in grad school:

1. Babysit
A responsible young adult may be a better option for parents when looking for a babysitter, and you may even have friends with young kids who need a night off. This is an excellent opportunity to earn a bit of cash, and at the same time be very rewarding

Spending time with kids is great for relieving stress and having some fun. If you babysit during the school year, there may be a chance to do homework together. If not, you can still find time to study once the kids are in bed, all while getting paid. Babysitting may not be your most lucrative option, but it's a fun and flexible possibility.

Babysitting is a fun and rewarding way to make a bit of money.Babysitting is a fun and rewarding way to make a bit of money.

2. Get involved in the sharing economy
College Ave suggested that grad students consider driving as a way of making some money, but really there are all sorts of apps and online services for finding odd-jobs around town. People may use their smartphone for everything from getting a ride to delivering groceries, and if you have the means, this can be an excellent side job.

Once you have an established schedule, look for a block of time to drive or do another task. As with babysitting, flexible hours can be crucial for graduate students in need of a part-time job.

3. Tutor
Most colleges have tutoring departments where students can get paid to support their classmates. As a graduate student, you could be a valuable resource to undergraduates, and tutoring can also be a way to reinforce your own expertise of a subject or field of study.

"Private tutoring jobs often pay considerably well."

Private tutoring jobs, meanwhile, often pay considerably well. There may be a more rigorous vetting process, but if you can find an opportunity to tutor in your neighborhood with a reputable agency, you could make some good money.

Otherwise, simply advertising your services online or around town could be a way to land a tutoring position. Post something online to broaden your search.

4. Find a job on campus
Many colleges and universities have all sorts of amenities beyond the dining hall and library. These can be a great place to work part-time because of the convenience. You may also meet classmates and peers, which can be an added bonus.

Becoming a residency advisor is also a great way to make ends meet during graduate school. Many colleges will waive the cost of room and board for Graduate Residents, an expense that can otherwise represent thousands of dollars in a semester. This can be a fun job and a good leadership opportunity, too.

5. Look for one-time gigs
While a part-time job offers a bit of security when it comes to making money while you complete your graduate program, keeping an eye out for one-time events can also be fruitful. Look for people on campus that need help moving, participate in a study or get online to see if there are opportunities in your community. This can put some spending money in your pocket, and for especially busy graduate students be a more realistic option than trying to schedule a weekly commitment. - helping you find colleges and universities that offer the accredited graduate programs that most interest you.

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