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At 71, student still earning degrees

Thursday, June 21, 2012
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At 71, student still earning degrees
When individuals have a strong passion for education, it can be easy for them to pursue a graduate degree anywhere from a year or two after college to a few decades down the line.

Anyone who feels that returning to academia later in life is just not a realistic option may want to look at Michigan resident Michael Nicholson who, at 71 years of age, has earned 29 degrees, ABC News reported. Even more surprising, the senior citizen is currently working toward completing his 30th degree – a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Among the graduate degrees Nicholson has earned are a Master of Theology, a Master of Education in Special Education, a Master of Public Administration and an MBA, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Still, all these degrees are not enough for the career student, as he told ABC he would like to hold at least 33 or 34 graduate degrees. At that point, Nicholson would feel he had completed his basic education. Besides, without classes to attend, the graduate student feels like life would be rather dull.

"It’s stimulation to go to the class, look at the material that’s required and meet the teacher and students," Nicholson told the news outlet. "It makes life interesting for me."

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