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Business students can mix faith with their studies

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
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Business students can mix faith with their studies

In addition to having an interest in business, many graduate students strongly believe in a particular faith. Oftentimes, they can find a college or university that can prepare them for their career in a way that is aligned with their religious values.

The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., is among these schools, and recently announced on its Web site that it has established a virtues-based business school. Through the university's School of Business and Economics, graduate students will be able to pursue degrees that place a focus on the development of important skills, without losing sight of Catholic teachings.

"Business schools focus on teaching commercial skills and rules of ethics, but they neglect the importance of character," said Andrew Abela, chair of the previous Department of Business and Economics. "Our distinctive idea is to bring the rich resources of the Catholic intellectual tradition and the natural law to bear upon business and economics."

Master of Science degrees in accounting and business analysis, as well as Master of Arts degrees in integral economics development management and international political economics will be available through the new business school. Although no MBA is currently available, The Wall Street Journal reported that the university may eventually provide students with this option.

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