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Graduate Financial Aid

Financial resources for professionals applying to grad school

Thursday, December 4, 2014
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Financial resources for professionals applying to grad school
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It can be difficult for working professionals to obtain need-based financial aid. Fortunately, there are many other forms of aid that can help pay for an advanced degree. Assistance from an employer, graduate assistantships and scholarships may help cover a major portion of the cost to go to graduate school.

According to Main Street, an online financial resource, an employer's contribution to higher education is largely dependent on the company where the individual works.

"Do your research," Paul Anthony Rivers, founder of college consultancy Sources for Students, told the news source. "It varies widely from industry to industry and in different parts of the country. In most cases you'll need multiple resources to cover the cost of your education."

The source noted that those in teaching professions may have the best luck getting employer funding for their education. Most other industries, on the other hand, no longer provide full coverage of advanced degree costs.

Assistantships and scholarships are also available to help professionals pay their way through graduate school, and Rivers explained that the application process is similar for both. Often, students will have to send numerous applications just to receive one acceptance. Professionals should submit detailed applications to all relevant apprenticeships and scholarships that can help give them experience and fund their education. Upon submitting an application, it is always beneficial to follow up with the appropriate people to further express interest.

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