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Satya Nadella goes from computer science student to CEO
Feb 05, 2014
Companies are always promoting professionals to new positions. Read more
Students drawn to professional science degree programs
Feb 04, 2014
While considering the various science degrees available on the graduate level, many prospective graduate students are choosing to pursue the Professional Science Master's degree or PSM. Read more
Employer poll provides glimpse of job prospects for new MBAs
Jan 03, 2014
It can definitely benefit business school students to know what type of job prospects they will face after graduation. Read more
Business school admissions officers split on importance of new section
Dec 15, 2013
A recent addition to the GMAT, the Integrated Reasoning section is designed to provide business school admissions officers with greater insight into the knowledge and skills of prospective students. Read more
New graduate degrees reflect the needs of industries
Dec 09, 2013
Everything from new developments in a particular field to the evolution of technology are influencing the graduate programs available at colleges and universities. Read more
MBA students play game for financial assistance
Dec 02, 2013
Working toward earning an MBA can be challenging, exciting and ultimately, a very rewarding experience, but few students would refer to business school as "fun and games." Read more
Business school students with STEM backgrounds becoming more common
Nov 21, 2013
The pool of business school applicants is more diverse now than ever before. Read more
Upcoming information session highlights popular fields
Nov 13, 2013
When individuals want to learn about specific graduate programs, they may visit school Web sites or get in touch with people who have earned the types of advanced degrees that interest them. Read more
Report provides data on international graduate students
Nov 12, 2013
It is well known that many students come to the U.S. from abroad to earn an advanced degree. Read more
Business school offers the MBA experience on a tablet
Nov 06, 2013
Any student who has lugged a backpack filled with hefty textbooks to and from class would probably be more than happy to trade in those pricey titles for a single tablet computer. Read more
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