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Upcoming information session highlights popular fields
Nov 13, 2013
When individuals want to learn about specific graduate programs, they may visit school Web sites or get in touch with people who have earned the types of advanced degrees that interest them. Read more
Report provides data on international graduate students
Nov 12, 2013
It is well known that many students come to the U.S. from abroad to earn an advanced degree. Read more
Business school offers the MBA experience on a tablet
Nov 06, 2013
Any student who has lugged a backpack filled with hefty textbooks to and from class would probably be more than happy to trade in those pricey titles for a single tablet computer. Read more
Professionals can enhance their managerial skills online
Oct 16, 2013
On their way to becoming top executives, such as chief executive officers or chief financial officers, individuals might make a stop at business school to earn an MBA. Read more
For MBA applicants, work experience matters
Oct 14, 2013
The knowledge and skills students acquire in MBA programs might help them advance in the workforce or change careers. Read more
Nonprofit management degree gets spotlight at upcoming open house
Oct 08, 2013
When searching for a graduate school or a specific graduate program, prospective students typically visit a school’s Web site to find information on degrees offered. Read more
American business schools continue to recover
Oct 02, 2013
Several years have passed since the Great Recession began in December 2007. Read more
Several graduate school information sessions set for October and November
Sep 29, 2013
For those who have been out of the classroom for several years, getting back into the mindset of a student may be a struggle. Read more
Business schools make courses available to all via MOOCs
Sep 22, 2013
In recent years online education has become more popular than ever. Read more
Business schools take an interest in cybersecurity
Sep 09, 2013
When people think of business school, thoughts of MBAs and core subjects like accounting and finance may come to mind. Read more
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Queens College
Queens College offers more than 100 master's degrees and advanced certificates in the liberal arts, sciences, social sciences, and teacher education.