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Employers may screen applicants using GMAT scores
Aug 06, 2013
Landing a job in any industry can be difficult. Read more
MBA students take their skills on the road
Jul 31, 2013
Some business school students go to work during the summer, while others strive to gain experience through an internship. Read more
Students can become nonprofit leaders with a master's degree
Jul 25, 2013
In order to lead a nonprofit organization, individuals often need a master's degree in addition to relevant work experience. Read more
The roots of better organizational training lie in graduate school
Jul 07, 2013
No matter what the focus of an organization happens to be, it can surely benefit from more effective training programs. Read more
In business, foreign language skills help
Jul 03, 2013
Whether individuals plan to work with colleagues in other countries or conduct business with companies abroad, having a global perspective helps. Read more
A technological world needs skilled cyber security managers
Jun 26, 2013
These days, people are more susceptible to cyber attacks than ever before. Read more
Master of Finance degree goes online
Jun 20, 2013
When students think about continuing their business education at the graduate level, the MBA is certainly a popular option. Read more
Business schools keep the admissions process interesting
Jun 13, 2013
Due to stiff competition they face throughout the application process, prospective MBA students work hard to separate themselves from their fellow applicants. Read more
Applying to business school becomes more convenient
Jun 06, 2013
Although it depends on the business school they are applying to, many individuals will face stiff competition during the MBA admissions process. Read more
Quadriplegic student earns a graduate degree
May 29, 2013
Every student is different, with his or her own unique needs. Read more
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Queens College
Queens College offers more than 100 master's degrees and advanced certificates in the liberal arts, sciences, social sciences, and teacher education.