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Hospitality degree helps students find jobs
Nov 13, 2014
Those interested in hospitality management now have another way of getting an advanced degree. Read more
Major corporations collaborate on online graduate program
Oct 22, 2014
Online degrees are growing in popularity and stature, and the University of Southern California recently announced plans to add to its 80 online programs with the help of a major corporation. Read more
Cyber security degree offered entirely online
Oct 15, 2014
While the Internet has an abundance of information and helpful resources, it comes with a possible threat to personal and corporate security. Read more
Online degrees provide benefits for working professionals
Sep 03, 2014
Working professionals sometimes seek online courses to provide them with the skills necessary to further their career. Read more
Graduate programs combat nursing shortage
Aug 13, 2014
Good news for those interested in a nursing career. As baby boomers approach retirement and need care, there is a growing demand for medical professionals and a nursing shortage according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Read more
Online accounting degree to make instruction more accessible
Jul 09, 2014
Job opportunities within the business sector differ depending on the area in which individuals are searching. Read more
Public health professionals can make a positive impact
Jun 12, 2014
While many colleges and universities offer dual degrees within their individual schools, it is less common for two separate universities to collaborate on offering graduate programs - - much less, to offer the only graduate degree of its kind in the state. Read more
Graduate program helps students become more creative
Jun 02, 2014
Artists are not the only professionals who need to be able to think outside the box. Read more
Service members turn to online MBA programs
May 12, 2014
Online graduate programs provide a convenient solution for students who wish to earn an advanced degree but require greater flexibility than the average learner. Read more
New parents finish graduate school together
May 03, 2014
Couples engage in a variety of activities, from sharing a romantic dinner to going to the movies. Read more
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