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Graduate school faculties help teachers become more effective educators
Jul 12, 2012
There are many reasons why a teacher may choose to enroll in graduate school. However, the primary goal in pursuing an advanced degree is to become a more effective educator. Read more
Views on online education continue to evolve among employers
Jul 10, 2012
For many professionals, earning an MBA is the key to career advancement. Read more
Help those in need with a graduate degree in human services
Jul 09, 2012
Individuals who assume the role of a social or community service manager are in a position to oversee organizations that provide social services to children, veterans, the homeless and other populations that may require assistance. Read more
Graduate school helps music educators hone their teaching techniques
Jun 29, 2012
While it is important for elementary and high school students to gain a foundation in academic subjects like English, math and science, taking art and music classes is just as important for their personal development. Read more
Cybersecurity experts keep American cyber networks safe
Jun 26, 2012
When people think of war, they may picture soldiers with guns or tanks rolling through a battlefield. Read more
The need for knowledgeable coaches will increase
Jun 18, 2012
School athletic programs benefit students from the elementary level through college. Read more
Health services managers need a background in business
Jun 14, 2012
Whether individuals hold jobs as nursing home administrators or clinical managers, they require knowledge of the health care industry as well as business and management skills. Read more
Many LLM in Taxation degrees now available online
Jun 13, 2012
Students have an opportunity to earn a Master of Laws (LLM) degree through online education no matter where they reside. Several institutions now offer an LLM with a focus on Taxation online. Read more
Students can enhance their understanding of autism in graduate school
Jun 12, 2012
Children who are afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) take in information differently than those who do not have these developmental disabilities. Read more
Students around the world can earn an MPA online
Jun 12, 2012
Not too long ago, individuals who wanted to enroll in graduate school would have to move near a college or university to further their academic goals. Read more
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Queens College
Queens College offers more than 100 master's degrees and advanced certificates in the liberal arts, sciences, social sciences, and teacher education.