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Public health leaders work to make a difference
May 02, 2012
When students pursue a public health degree at the graduate level, they acquire the types of knowledge and skills that will help them make a positive impact in the lives of others. Read more
Population growth drives need for urban and regional planners
May 01, 2012
Individuals who work as urban or regional planners need to be mindful of many factors when deciding how land should be used. Read more
Advanced managerial skills essential for higher education administrators
Apr 30, 2012
In college and university settings, education administrators have a series of responsibilities they are tasked with completing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read more
Enterprise architects help businesses become more efficient
Apr 23, 2012
If individuals possess advanced knowledge in the fields of business and information technology (IT), they may be well suited for careers as enterprise architects. Read more
For many professionals, online graduate degrees make sense
Apr 20, 2012
Finding enough time in the busy work week to take graduate courses at a nearby college or university can be difficult for professionals. Read more
Busy students can acquire sport management skills online
Apr 19, 2012
Online education has proven to be more than just a passing fad. Read more
Graduate school trains students for roles as hospitality leaders
Apr 09, 2012
As long as people continue to travel for personal or professional reasons, there will be a need for leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry. Read more
Students can earn an MPA degree on or off campus
Apr 03, 2012
Although students may not have access to a Master of Public Administration (MPA) program in their local area, they don’t need to give up their dream of serving the public. Read more
Graduate school helps banking professionals get ahead
Mar 30, 2012
Before individuals can advance their banking career to the executive level and oversee the daily operations of large organizations, they must have considerable work experience. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those who run large corporations typically hold an MBA. Read more
Mobile apps help online students connect with classmates
Mar 27, 2012
Many people cannot get through the day without using a smartphone or the mobile applications (apps) they have installed on their device, and the same is true of today's graduate students. Read more
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