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Emergency management students can learn how to respond to disasters
Jan 11, 2012
While it is impossible to prevent earthquakes and other natural disasters, well-prepared emergency management professionals can certainly help alleviate some of the hardships those affected by these events have to endure. Read more
Some graduate students can customize their degrees
Dec 31, 2011
Individuals who have been out of school for only a few years may have an easier time applying to graduate school than those who have been away from academia for longer periods of time. Read more
Students can pursue foreign language degrees online
Dec 28, 2011
Not all graduate degree programs require students to attend classes on a regular basis. As a result, programs that focus on heavy amounts of reading and writing may lend themselves to an online format more so than others. Read more
Doctors can transition to roles as educators
Dec 28, 2011
Physicians who wish to help students become the next generation of care providers may want to return to school before they work as a health educator. Fortunately, there are ways for health care professionals to receive the training they need to become teachers. Read more
Employers can help their workers earn an MBA
Dec 23, 2011
After spending a few years working in the business industry, some individuals may realize that to advance professionally, they must return to academia and earn an MBA Read more
Physical education teachers can advance their skill set in graduate school
Dec 06, 2011
The salaries for individuals who hold a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education may start at $23,184, according to PayScale. However, with a master's degree in this subject, graduates' starting salary may reach $35,168. Read more
Teachers can use knowledge from graduate school to help their students
Nov 15, 2011
After teaching for a few years, educators may pick up on certain learning areas among their students that need help. This in turn may inspire teachers to go to graduate school to gain additional skills that will be helpful in the classroom. Read more
Professionals can broaden their knowledge of social media in graduate school
Nov 03, 2011
Social media has changed the way many people live. Today, more individuals are logging on to interactive Web sites when they want to reach out to their loved ones, do a little shopping or look for jobs. As social media continues to evolve, business professionals may want to broaden their knowledge of this subject at the graduate level. Read more
Earning an advanced history degree can enhance students' research skills
Nov 02, 2011
Individuals who wish to continue their study of history in graduate school and earn a master's degree have the potential to become archivists, conservators or curators, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Read more
Nursing specializations can help professionals address health care issues
Nov 01, 2011
With an aging population, the need for educated health care professionals will continue. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase in job opportunities in this sector, registered nurses may want to continue their education at the graduate level and try to advance their careers. Read more
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