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For graduate schools, summer is a time for information sessions
Jul 25, 2012
As graduate schools typically begin accepting applications in the fall, the summer is an ideal time for prospective students to research degree programs they may want to pursue. Read more
Ask current graduate students questions at school events
Apr 11, 2012
Once prospective students identify a few colleges and universities from which they would consider earning a master's degree, they should see if any of these schools host information events that provide insight into the graduate programs offered. Read more
Adults can learn about returning to school at information sessions
Mar 27, 2012
Individuals who feel they are too old to return to school and pursue a graduate degree should never let their age dictate what they are capable of achieving. Read more
Attending graduate school open houses may save students money
Mar 22, 2012
When prospective students attend graduate school fairs, open houses and information sessions, they have an opportunity to learn about the types of programs that are available to them. Read more
Students can plan their future at career and graduate school fairs
Feb 28, 2012
In January 2012, the national unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent, which is the lowest it has been since February 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read more
Information sessions prepare prospective MBAs for the admissions process
Feb 22, 2012
Individuals may have their sights set on earning a graduate degree, but have trouble researching their options. Whether their job leaves them with little free time or they need more information than can be accessed online, information sessions can help. Read more
Learn about the benefits of graduate school at an open house
Feb 15, 2012
During the graduate school admissions process, prospective students should see what types of events schools provide to familiarize themselves with the programs available to them. These educational opportunities go by many names, such as graduate school fairs, information sessions and open houses. Read more
Graduate school information sessions can provide admissions insight
Feb 08, 2012
Before applying to graduate school, individuals should consider visiting prospective schools' Web sites to see if information sessions are scheduled regarding graduate programs. Read more
Prospective graduate students can ask questions at school information sessions
Nov 10, 2011
Many individuals prefer to earn a bachelor's degree and then work for several years to gain professional experience. However, when these graduates decide to return to school to pursue a master's degree, they are sure to have a few admissions questions. Fortunately, many colleges and universities host helpful events such as graduate school fairs and information sessions. Read more
Nurses can explore their options at graduate and career fairs
Oct 26, 2011
No matter what field individuals wish to pursue, they can always benefit from the help available at a graduate or career fair. Not only do representatives from various advanced programs attend these events, but potential employers as well. Read more
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