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MBA Career Fair to connect students with employers
Sep 12, 2011
Business professionals who are seeking to enhance their present career path may want to explore options presented at a Career Fair. These Fairs often provide opportunities for individuals to connect with potential employers. Read more
Students can explore their options at graduate fairs
Jul 19, 2011
While some may know that they want to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level, they may be unsure as to which college or university offers the best advanced degree to suit their needs. In these cases, attending a graduate fair may prove beneficial. Read more
University to host graduate fair
Feb 21, 2011
Before enrolling in a graduate program, students need to make sure they have chosen a master's degree that is a good fit for them. The right school can set individuals on a path toward more career opportunities and an increase in pay, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read more
GMAC to host online fair for prospective MBA candidates
Oct 11, 2010
Today, many potential MBA students are adults who juggle family and a full-time job. Few of them have time to fully explore their learning options in-depth. Read more
Graduate fairs enable students to network with potential employers
Oct 07, 2010
Although the job market is beginning to show signs of improvement, some recruiters still believe that industry connections are the key to professional success. As a result, graduate students may want to consider attending events that can enable them to network. Read more
Graduate school fairs can help students devise an academic plan
Oct 06, 2010
Individuals who have been out of school for a long time may be intimidated by the prospect of enrolling in a master's degree program. The academic scene has changed rapidly over the past few years, and some nontraditional students may feel as if they are out of the loop. Read more
Prospective MBA students want specific admissions information
May 19, 2010
Any graduate student can attest to the fact that applying for graduate school is not easy. As more individuals compete for admissions to MBA programs at schools around the country, compiling a strong application can be a challenging process. Read more
Look for national fairs to learn about graduate programs
Apr 28, 2010
As students around the country prepare to complete undergraduate degree programs, many are also starting to plan their futures. Read more
Graduate fairs can be beneficial
Apr 15, 2010
Prospective graduate students can find guidance and a more solid career path after attending a graduate fair. Read more
Attend an Open House to learn about graduate school
Mar 26, 2010
Graduate students who want to study at a traditional campus will benefit from going to an open house event to give them an idea of what the institution can offer. Read more
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