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Business schools help students pay off loans
May 17, 2012
Many students hoping to earn an MBA simply would not be able to pay for business school without loans thus incurring the burden of debt after they graduate. Read more
Nursing students can receive academic funding outside of school
May 08, 2012
When exploring options to make education more affordable, graduate students are sometimes fortunate enough to receive financial assistance from their school. Even if this is not the case, students can find scholarship programs outside of academia. Read more
Scholarships available to the teachers of tomorrow
Mar 19, 2012
When teachers enroll in graduate school to pursue an education degree at the master's level, they are taking a step that can expand the number of career possibilities before them. Read more
Scholarship open to graduate students who want to change the world
Mar 08, 2012
People of all ages dream about the ways in which they can change the world for the better. Thanks to a new scholarship, one graduate student may soon get his or her chance to turn a dream into reality. Read more
Scholarship aims to increase diversity in the nursing field
Mar 06, 2012
As patients come from all backgrounds, there is a great need for health care providers who are as diverse as those they are treating. Read more
Hard work can lead to financial assistance for some teachers
Feb 23, 2012
For teachers who have an interest in continuing their education in graduate school, sometimes just working hard is enough to help them pay for their studies. Read more
PhD students can find scholarship opportunities online
Feb 22, 2012
For many people, social media has changed the way they get their news or communicate with their friends and family. In some cases, spending time on these interactive Web sites may even help make graduate school more affordable. Read more
Native American students can apply for law school scholarships
Feb 10, 2012
Prospective legal students who are of Native American heritage may want to see if the law schools they are applying to offer scholarships specifically designed for them. Read more
Scholarships available to journalism students
Feb 01, 2012
Competition is expected to be keen for journalists looking for work over the next six years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While it may take longer for some to find jobs in this field, graduate students may be able to save money through special scholarship programs. Read more
Medical students can work towards preventing traumatic brain injuries
Jan 31, 2012
Everything from bumping one's head to receiving a severe blow may lead to the development of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This serious medical condition has the potential to lead to amnesia, permanent disability or even death. Read more
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