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Grant funds continuing education for working teachers
Jan 27, 2011
In his State of the Union speech, president Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to the American education system and the country's goal of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by the end of the decade. Read more
Scholarship announced to produce more Spanish-speaking leaders in librarian profession
Jan 10, 2011
Individuals who wish to pursue a career as a librarian are typically required to obtain a master's degree in library science, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Read more
Graduate students can apply for federal student aid
Dec 30, 2010
Enrolling in a master's degree program of one's choosing can be a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. However, if an individual is still paying off undergraduate loans, he or she may be less inclined to attend graduate school. Read more
Graduate students can receive fully-funded education
Dec 10, 2010
A number of high school students focus solely on which college or university they would like to attend for their undergraduate studies. However, for the individuals who plan to continue their studies beyond their baccalaureate degree, scholarships exist. Read more
Dependent healthcare coverage a priority for graduate students
Nov 18, 2010
In the wake of the passage of the healthcare reform bill, students enrolled in colleges and universities across the country may benefit from the extension of dependent health insurance coverage, according to Read more
Special waiver important to many out-of-state students
Nov 15, 2010
Individuals who live in states where certain academic programs are not available at the graduate level may be eligible to participate in a tuition-exchange program. Read more
Airport management graduate students can earn scholarships
Nov 09, 2010
With air travel becoming more and more a part of the lives of average Americans, graduate students who are getting their degrees in air transportation-related fields are more in demand than ever. Read more
Grant offered to graduate science students with disabilities
Nov 02, 2010
Students with disabilities who are pursuing a master's degree in the sciences may be eligible for a new scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Disability (FSD). Read more
Universities use scholarships to attract top students
Nov 02, 2010
Some universities are getting creative in their attempts to attract highly-qualified graduate students. Read more
Native American graduate students have new financial aid option
Oct 28, 2010
While it is common knowledge that a master's-level education can lead to more career opportunities and higher paying jobs, Native Americans who are considering enrolling in a graduate program may find help in doing so. Read more
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Queens College
Queens College offers more than 100 master's degrees and advanced certificates in the liberal arts, sciences, social sciences, and teacher education.