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Scholarships are available to doctoral degree candidates
Oct 21, 2010
Individuals who wish to pursue administrative positions in education should consider earning an advanced degree, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most school principals have completed master's- or doctoral-level programs. Read more
Students receive financial aid to pursue graduate degrees in healthcare-related fields
Oct 19, 2010
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare field is expected to create more jobs than any other industry over the next eight years. Read more
Graduate students in various fields can benefit from small business grants
Oct 12, 2010
Participation in a master's degree program may inspire students to develop ideas for a new product or service. Read more
Financial aid available to graduate interpretation students
Oct 07, 2010
As many companies become more global, the demand for interpreters who can help businesses communicate with their international partners is expected to grow. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that job opportunities for these professionals will increase by 22 percent over the next eight years. Read more
Veterinary graduate students may be eligible for financial aid
Oct 06, 2010
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the shortage of food animal veterinarians is growing - especially in rural areas. In an effort to encourage qualified graduate students to pursue a career in this field, the organization has created financial incentives to offset the high cost of veterinary education. Read more
Graduate schools increase financial aid opportunities
Oct 01, 2010
Due to the economic downturn, many individuals are seeking ways to save money and increase their earning potential. Although earning a master's degree can undoubtedly improve one's career prospects, many of today's professionals may believe that they cannot afford the time or money required to complete most graduate programs. Read more
Graduate teaching students may be eligible for financial aid
Aug 25, 2010
Educators who wish to boost their careers without interrupting full-time employment may want to consider enrolling in an online graduate school. In addition to flexible scheduling options, these institutions often offer tuition assistance to master's degree seekers. Read more
Graduate students can receive financial aid from national organizations
Aug 11, 2010
For many prospective graduate students, the idea of paying for a master's program can be daunting. Although an advanced degree can help these individuals accelerate their career development, they may worry that taking time off work to enhance their education will set them back financially. Read more
Research reveals that graduate students may have more student loan options
Aug 10, 2010
Although a master's degree can lead most individuals to improved career prospects and the potential of earning higher salaries, some of these prospective students worry that they will not be able to cover the cost of tuition for a graduate program. Fortunately, many lenders are beginning to extend favorable financial aid offers to graduate students. Read more
Scholarship funding can help graduate students
Jun 29, 2010
Many graduate students are required to complete research projects as part of their coursework. This may mean they have the opportunity to travel, and if so, this could involve meeting a wide range of people from diverse locations. Read more
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