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Some programs refrain from tuition increases in 2010
Jun 04, 2010
As the current unemployment rate sits at 9.7 percent, more people are choosing to update their skills by enrolling in a graduate program. Read more
Parents can still attend graduate school
May 25, 2010
Just because one makes the decision to start a family doesn't mean that he or she has to give up dreams of a getting a master's degree or entering an MBA program. Read more
Studying healthcare? Scholarships may help
May 24, 2010
Prospective graduate students considering careers in the healthcare industry may want to research existing scholarships to help them fund their education. Read more
Cultural immersion helps language students
May 21, 2010
Graduate students pursuing careers in language studies can benefit from traveling to countries in which a language is predominantly spoken. Some are able to obtain funding in order to pursue such plans. Read more
New programs explore new sustainability options
May 06, 2010
As America becomes more focused on green practices and eco-friendly lifestyles, society will require more services catering to these specifications. Read more
Graduate students should look for new funding opportunities
May 04, 2010
New funding opportunities for graduate students are frequently being announced. Read more
More financial aid programs needed for future graduate students
Apr 30, 2010
The Commission on the Future of Graduate Education recently released a report that aims to encourage more people to consider graduate school. Read more
Water industry scholarships announced
Apr 21, 2010
Graduate students often look to scholarship opportunities as a way to fund their education. Read more
Scholarship opportunity for MBAs with nursing degrees
Apr 09, 2010
For many graduate students, scholarships provide much needed financial assistance. A new program aims to help students with an undergraduate degree in nursing work toward their MBA degree. Read more
Scholarship opportunity for technologically-minded graduate students
Apr 02, 2010
As technology continues to expand into new realms, graduate students increasingly will have the opportunity to use these new advances as part of their studies, whether they are connecting with student groups via Twitter or participating in web-based courses. Read more
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