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Graduate program accommodates busy students

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Graduate program accommodates busy students
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Students pursuing an advanced degree often have a workload that doesn't allow much time for anything else. That's why those with full-time jobs need to take special precaution with the way they manage both responsibilities. To help these individuals who are especially busy, the Eastern Michigan University College of Business is offering a flexible Integrated Marketing Communications program that students can tailor to fit their schedules.

The program is offered entirely online and has a new structure. While the program previously consisted of 12 required courses, it will instead include six required courses and allow students to choose six electives, some of which are new. The new course offerings along with the new program structure will go into effect with the winter 2015 semester.

"Students now have more flexibility in planning their academic program," said Shiri Vivek, head of the marketing department in the EMU College of Business, "and can choose among a variety of excellent offerings in targeting their skill development."

This type of flexibility is growing in popularity among graduate schools, explained The Washington Post. Some programs offer courses online and on weekends, and others even allow students to complete their education according to a timeline that they determine for themselves. These programs make it easier for busy professionals to expand their education and build upon their skills.

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