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Graduate students advised to become more flexible

Thursday, September 20, 2012
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Graduate students advised to become more flexible
Once individuals have been accepted to graduate school, they may feel that they are on their way to advancing their careers with increased job opportunities. However, in our present economy, it is important for students to realize that there are no guarantees.

What graduate students can control is their life, and the direction it takes while they are pursuing a master's degree. In a recent post on Brazen Life, a lifestyle and career blog for young professionals, Srinivas Rao, a former graduate student, provided a few tips he believes can enhance individuals' career prospects following the completion of their studies.

While most employers will want to see a résumé before making any hiring decisions, Rao said that graduate students need to showcase what makes them unique. Each student is his own brand and needs to promote himself by creating something that interests him. Starting a club or organization or maintaining a blog will be an asset when applying for a job.

At the same time, Rao advised students to become more flexible, as the world is likely to be a very different place after they finish graduate school. Rather than ignoring the changes happening around them, students should learn how to adapt to new technologies and be knowledgeable about emerging companies. With a flexible attitude and a willingness to learn, students will graduate with a better understanding of the modern job market.

Keeping an open mind in graduate school can prove beneficial to students across fields. According to the Manhattan GMAT Blog, MBA students should make sure they follow the news of the day in the business sector. Meanwhile, Psych Central advises psychology majors not to view graduate school as their final chance to learn. Instead, they should realize the graduate programs they enroll in provide them with baseline knowledge.

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