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Is it wise to get a degree in communications?

Friday, December 4, 2015
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Is it wise to get a degree in communications?

Many people may argue that getting a degree in communications is foolish. However, others might believe it's the best move you can make. So what's the actual consensus? 

If you're looking into graduate degrees in communication, you may be torn. Of course, you don't want to spend money on a degree only to find out that it won't help boost your career. Turns out, this type of degree might be beneficial depending on what career you're looking to enter. Consider these tips on when it's wise to get a degree in communications.

"A graduate degree in communications may help you learn new skills in social media."

1. You're looking to develop a specific set of skills
One reason it might be wise to get a communications degree is if you're looking to acquire a specific set of skills that can bolster your current role and possibly help lead you to a promotion. For instance, certain companies desire candidates with skills in using technology such as Adobe Suite. While many older people are not familiar with using applications such as Photoshop and InDesign, going back to school to learn these skills might help make you a stand-out candidate for the job at hand. 

Communication skills are also key if you are looking to rise into a position that requires digital communication skills. For instance, getting a graduate degree in communications may help you learn new skills in social media or web development that you might not have known about otherwise. If you are in a marketing field and are looking to expand your skill set, seeking out digital communications may be the right move. 

2. You want to become a talented writer
Whether you're in a journalism field or not, some careers require you to be a great writer. Of course, some people may have natural skills when it comes to writing. Yet writing to different audiences is a learned skill. If you work at a company where you need to develop content, whether that means grant or speech writing or simply talking about your company, you'll need to know how to write in different styles. You also will learn how to translate difficult concepts into layman's terms. Getting a master's degree in communications will help you develop the skills you need to succeed at this skill.

Human resources is one of the many fields people can enter with a communications degree. Human resources is one of the many fields people can enter with a communications degree.

3. You want to become a better presenter
Some careers may require you to give several presentations and speeches or market a concept, idea or product. In these instances, it's critical that you have good communication skills. Often, people need to develop and polish these skills over time. Getting a degree in communications can help a person do that. This degree might be helpful for someone who got a marketing or business degree in their undergraduate program and needs to develop their soft skills to advance in their career. Graduate communications programs can also help you bolster your research skills, as many students are asked to complete a research project during their time at graduate school.

4. You're looking to enter the human resources field
If you want to be in human resources, or currently are looking to move up the HR ladder, getting a graduate degree in communications might be the wise move. Human resources specialists are constantly dealing with others, whether they are recruiting new members, dealing with a policy issue or advertising for the company as a whole. In a sense, people in human resources represent the company as a whole. Gaining a communications graduate degree can help people learn to develop solid relationships, communicate effectively and act as a mediator when policy issues arise. 

By Monique Smith - helping you find colleges and universities that offer the accredited graduate programs that most interest you.

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