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Music education professionals benefit from online degree

Monday, April 6, 2015
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Music education professionals benefit from online degree
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It's widely known that learning an artistic skill can have positive effects on a person's cognitive function. However, the arts typically take a backseat when it comes to school programs that need funding. The field's uncertainty increases the competitive nature of a career in music education. Fortunately, one university is making it easier for professionals pursuing the field to find work. The University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music recently announced that it will offer a new online Master of Music Education degree program.

Music education can have a lasting positive effect on students.Music education can have a lasting positive effect on students.

Save the arts
The degree will be offered in summer 2015 and will cater to a typical educator's schedule. A heavier workload will be assigned in the summer vacation months, and will taper off slightly when a new school year begins. 

"The creation of this degree represents another step toward giving educators as many options as possible," said Dale Monson, director of the Hodgson School. "Offering this online degree program reaffirms the university's commitment to teaching, research, and service."

Students can earn their degree from the comfort of their own homes over the course of four semesters. Courses cover key areas of interest for those pursuing an advanced degree. Students will need to complete a project, perform research and take courses in literature and performance before they're able to graduate. Doing so will give them the skills they need to be successful in their field.

How to stand out
With the competitive nature of a music education career, it's important to stand out from other job applicants. One way to do this is by earning an advanced music education degree, such as the one offered at the University of Georgia. However, this is just a starting point. According to, there are several additional skills that are crucial for a music educator to have. First and foremost, the professional must be a talented musician.

"As a music educator, you have to be a great musician. Music teaching is about guiding inexperienced musicians in developing their musicianship and a big part of that process is always demonstrating high levels of personal musicianship," Kerry Filsinger, University Fellow and PhD candidate in Music Education at Temple University Boyer College of Music & Dance, told the source.

"Those in music education will benefit from being part of a performance group themselves."

Without the basic foundation of musical talent, it may be difficult to communicate challenging concepts and show natural enthusiasm for the subject. Fortunately, many of those pursuing this career are typically passionate about the field, and are innately focused on bettering their musicianship. Those interested in music education will benefit from being part of a performance group themselves so they're constantly honing their skill and sparking their passion.

In addition to this skill, the source noted that it's also important to be an effective entrepreneur. It's likely that during your career as a music educator, you'll be assigned the task of recruiting performers. You need to be able to market your offerings and get students excited to be a part of your group. A degree in music education and a natural passion for the field should make recruiting an interesting part of the job.

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