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Music teachers can earn a graduate degree over summer vacation

Friday, January 18, 2013
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Music teachers can earn a graduate degree over summer vacation
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Many educators have a desire to advance their knowledge and skills by enrolling in graduate school, but not all of them have the flexibility in their schedules to do so. Fortunately, there are advanced programs that cater to working teachers who want to earn a master's degree.

For example, Missouri's Central Methodist University (CMU) recently announced on its Web site that it will launch a Master of Music Education program this summer. Classes begin during the summer and will only be available during the year's warmer months in order to cater to working music teachers.

"We know there are many superb music teachers in our schools, and we have designed a graduate program that we are convinced will make them even better," said Dori Waggoner, dean of CMU's Swinney Conservatory of Music, as quoted by the Web site. "There is real excitement here at CMU as we get ready to provide this resource to schools and teachers across the state."

Students who enroll in the graduate program will take three or four classes over the course of three consecutive summers. The majority of classes will be available online, with students required to create a master's report project after their third summer of classes.

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