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What can you do with a master's degree in liberal arts?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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What can you do with a master's degree in liberal arts?
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Many people tend to mock the idea of a graduate degree in liberal arts as the program is often general in nature and lacks a specific direction. People may think it's a waste of time and money. However, a liberal arts degree doesn't deserve a bad rap. There are several ways a master's degree in liberal arts can boost a person's career and help him or her become more qualified in their chosen field. The following are options students might consider when choosing to pursue a master's degree in liberal arts.

You can become a teacher
If you're looking to pursue a future in education, getting a master's degree in liberal arts could be just the ticket. Usually teachers are required to earn a certain amount of credits to maintain their teaching license, and they can easily accrue these credits with a master's degree. When students earn a graduate degree in liberal arts, they essentially become knowledgeable in multiple areas, as they take classes in a variety of subjects, such as English and history. Once students obtain this degree, they can become teachers at public or private schools or choose to take on more education classes to become certified in specific areas. They might even qualify to teach certain college courses.

You can enter a government position
Many classes within the liberal arts program include philosophy, political science and even astronomy. So if you're interested in getting a position in the government and have other skills that can complement what you would like to do, you can apply them toward a variety of government jobs.

"Classes in liberal arts can help make a business-minded person a better thinker."

It can polish a career in business
Students won't take a single class in business if they are pursuing a master's degree in liberal arts, mainly because those types of classes aren't offered. However, sometimes classes in liberal arts can help make a business-minded person a better thinker and more knowledgeable. Just take Denise Dalhoff, a graduate of the master's of liberal arts program at the University of Pennsylvania who was interested in a career in business management. She noted that she took classes in a wide variety of subjects, including pop culture, university governance and even the impact new media has on society. With this knowledge, she was able to create a thesis about an advertising campaign that promoted arts and culture, therefore blending her liberal arts and business knowledge together.

Problem solving is one key skill you'll learn from a liberal arts degree. Problem solving is one key skill you'll learn from a liberal arts degree.

It makes you a critical thinker
In today's world, people are constantly faced with new problems and new projects and need to become better problem solvers. This skill is essential in a series of professions, including business, marketing, development and even engineering. While going through two or three years of additional schooling may seem like a waste of time, critical thinking is a skill that is very valuable to employers and can be gained through taking classes in a liberal arts curriculum.

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