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Computer Science Programs

In a world where everyone seems to use high-tech mobile phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices, there is a need for professionals who can design and advance these technological innovations for the benefit of society.

Computer Science Graduate Programs

As new technology seems to grow more complex with each passing year, higher levels of education may be necessary to hold advanced jobs in the field of computer science. Fortunately, colleges and universities offer graduate programs at the master's and doctoral levels designed to help students achieve their academic and professional goals.

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At the master's level

Those who wish to further their education beyond the undergraduate level can pursue a Master of Science in Computer Science. This credential is ideal for individuals who want to take their careers in computer science to the next level or transition into the field of computer science from another area of study.
Graduate programs in computer science differ depending on the school, but there are a few subjects students are likely to focus on. Computer networks and language theory, software engineering, operating systems, artificial intelligence and analysis of algorithms are among the courses students may take.
After completing computer science programs at the master's level, graduates will have a deeper understanding of key areas, including computer language and software design.

At the doctoral level

Beyond a Master's in Computer Science is the Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, a research credential that requires students to make contributions to theory and practice in the field. To earn this degree, individuals must complete a dissertation.
Upon the completion of such a program, individuals will be able to pursue careers in research or education in the higher education sector.

A need for professionals

Whether students enroll in computer science programs at the master's or doctoral level, they are taking steps that will provide a foundation for success in growing fields.
One occupation advanced computer science degrees can prepare students for is that of a computer and information research scientist. In this line of work, professionals with a doctorate in computer science design new and innovative approaches to computing technology while also working to solve related problems. This is a profession that is expected to experience faster-than-average job growth in the years ahead, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Another occupation a graduate degree in computer science can prepare students for is that of a computer systems analyst. This profession, which calls on individuals to help organizations study computer systems and become more efficient, is similar to other roles in this field, in that it is projected to experience a faster-than-average increase in job prospects in the coming years.

Find the right computer science programs

If individuals feel as though now is the time to advance their computer science knowledge and skill set, the next step is researching what types of graduate programs are available. and its search engine can assist prospective students in their quest to find the right computer science program for them.

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