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DUKE UNIVERSITY - Nicholas School of the Environment

Jeff Vincent, Dean
Dean Urban, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives
Duke’s Nicholas School is a School of the Environment - not Environmental Sciences, or Environmental Studies, but the Environment. The school strives for a new paradigm, one that views and attempts to understand the earth and the environment including humans as an integrated whole. And one that advances a more sustainable future by strategically focusing its resources on addressing the major environmental issues of our times and by training a new and environmentally-informed generation of global leaders.

To achieve this vision, the Nicholas School has assembled a unique and talented faculty of world-class researchers and educators spanning all of the relevant physical, life, and social sciences, steeped and actively engaged in their respective disciplines, but also committed to the multi- and interdisciplinary lines of inquiry and collaborations that are at the core of many environmental issues.

The Nicholas School’s mission, creating knowledge and global leaders of consequence for a sustainable future, is informed by Duke University’s theme of knowledge in the service of society and motivated by the need to restore and preserve the world’s environmental resources while adapting to a changing climate and a growing population with aspirations for rising standards of living.

Duke's Nicholas School strives to fulfill this mission by creating Knowledge through basic, applied, and multidisciplinary research in the relevant physical, life, and social sciences designed to expand our understanding of the Earth and its environment.

The Nicholas School has a professional masters program that trains a new breed of environmental professionals working in the public, private, and non-profit sectors with the skills needed to devise and implement effective environmental policies and practices, and a Ph.D. program dedicated to adding to a new generation of world-class scientists, researchers, and educators in the environment. The school is forging a sustainable future by strategically focusing the intellectual resources and capital amassed in research and education to address three of the most challenging environmental issues confronting society: Climate and Energy, Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems and Human Health and the Environment.

Master of Forestry, Master of Environmental Management: Coastal Environmental Management, Ecosystem Science & Conservation, Energy & Environment, Environmental Economics & Policy, Ecotoxicology & Environmental Health, Global Environmental Change, Water Resource Management.

Ph.D.: Earth & Ocean Sciences; Environment, Marine Science & Conservation; Environmental Policy.
Duke Environmental Leadership Program
M.E.M.: Environmental Management (mid-career degree).


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