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MBA considered to be the most popular graduate degree

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
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MBA considered to be the most popular graduate degree
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While students in various disciplines have sought an advanced degree following college, new research reveals that the MBA has become the most popular master's degree.

Overtaking education
Graduate school enrollment data, which was analyzed by Vox, reveals that MBA programs have slowly become more popular than graduate offerings in education.

According to U.S. Department of Education data, education was the most popular master's degree in 1971, with 37.2 percent of students interested in this degree. A total of 11.2 percent of individuals preferred the MBA during the same year.

In 1981, however, MBA programs began to play catch-up, at 19.1 percent, compared to 32 percent for education master's degrees. These figures were almost even in 2002, when interest in advanced education and business degrees was at 27.7 percent and 24.6 percent, respectively.

By 2012, the Department of Education revealed that business was the most popular master's degree, at 25.4 percent. Education had fallen to 23.6 percent. While graduate degrees in other subjects certainly have not lost their value, this data shows that a large number of people clearly view the MBA as an important credential.

Brown University agrees
Rhode Island's Brown University is renowned for its academic programs, but it never offered an MBA. That will soon change, according to a news release on the school's Web site. The Ivy League university has joined forces with the IE Business School in Spain to offer the joint Brown Executive Master of Business Administration.

Students who have an interest in earning this advanced degree can begin their journey in March 2015. This credential was actually created in 2011, but was only available through the Spanish school. Now, students can earn the EMBA in the U.S., but still receive an education that can prepare them for an increasingly global business landscape.

"The complex nature of today's business world requires an interdisciplinary perspective," said Brown University President Christina Paxson in a statement. "Through this new joint degree, IE and Brown are each bringing a distinctive set of strengths together to educate international business leaders in a way that will fully prepare them for the ever-changing landscape of the global economy."

If anything, the collaboration between Brown and IE shows that new MBA options are always appearing. Students just need to track down the program that is right for them.

By Monique Smith - helping you find colleges and universities that offer the accredited graduate programs that most interest you.

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