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The Graduate School
One Normal Avenue, College Hall Room 203
Montclair, NJ 07043
Lynn Marie Peluso, Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruiting
M.A.: Applied Linguistics, Child Advocacy, Child Advocacy (Public Child Welfare), Communication Sciences & Disorders (Speech Language Pathology), Counseling (Addictions Counseling, Community Counseling, School Counseling, Student Affairs/Counseling in Higher Education), Educational Leadership, Clinical Psychology, English, Environmental Studies (Environmental Education, Environmental Management, Environmental Science), Exercise Science & Physical Education (Coaching & Sports Administration, Exercise Sciences, Teaching & Supervision of Physical Education), Fine Art (Museum Management, Studio), French (French Literature, French Studies), History, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Law & Governance (Conflict Management & Peace Studies; Governance, Compliance & Regulation; Intellectual Property; Legal Management, Information & Technology), Music (Music Education, Music Therapy, Performance, Theory/Composition), Psychology, Public & Organizational Relations, Reading, Spanish, Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics, Theatre (Arts Management, Production/Stage Management, Theatre Studies).

M.A.T.: Art, Biological Science, Chemistry, Early Childhood Education P-3, Elementary Education K-5, Earth Science, English, French, Health Education, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physical Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Teacher of Students with Disabilities & P-3 Education, Teacher of Students with Disabilities & Elementary Education K-5, Teaching English as a Second Language.

M.B.A.: Business Administration (on-campus), (off-site),(Saturday-only).

M.Ed.: Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Special Education.

M.F.A.: Studio Art.

M.P.H.: Public Health (Community Health Education).

M.S.: Accounting, Aquatic & Coastal Sciences, Biology (Biology Science Education, Ecology & Evolution, Physiology), Chemistry (Biochemistry, Chemical Business), Computer Science (Informatics), Geoscience, Mathematics (Mathematics Education, Pure & Applied Mathematics), Molecular Biology, Nutrition & Food Science, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Statistics, Sustainability Sciences.

Aud.D.: Audiology (Clinical track, Post-Master's track, Research track).

Ed.D.: Mathematics Education, Teacher Education & Teacher Development.

Ph.D.: Counselor Education, Environmental Management, Family & Child Studies.

Sc.D.: Audiology (Clinical Track, Post-Master's Track, Research Track).

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: ADA, Artist Diploma, Child Advocacy (on-campus) (online), Computational Linguistics, Criminal Forensic Psychology, Environmental Forensics, Family/Civil Forensic Psychology, Food Safety Instructor, Health Education, Molecular Biology, Nutrition & Exercise Science, Object Orientated Computing, Performer’s Certificate, Teacher of English as a Second Language (TESOL), Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics, Teaching Writing, Water & Resource Management.

CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, Principal, Reading Specialist, School Counselor, School Psychologist, Substance Awareness Coordinator, Supervisor Advanced Certification, Teacher of Students with Disabilities (P-3, K-5 or content area certification).

POST-BACCAULAUREATE CERTIFICATES: CISCO, Music Therapy, Paralegal Studies, Translation & Interpretation in Spanish.

POST-MASTER’S CERTIFICATES: Accounting, Advanced Counseling.
M.A. Educational Leadership, Child Advocacy.

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