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TUITION: Full-time 2018-2019: $15,630 per semester (based on 15 semester hours)
$1,042 per credit hour. Please note that costs may vary depending on program.
Dr. Mary Beth Cooper, President

Anne Griffin, Director of Graduate Admissions
Our story isn’t just something we tell people.
It’s something we show them. It’s something we live.

Since 1885, Springfield College has undergone name changes, renovations, construction, and other major developments. One thing that has remained the same has been our focus on Humanics. You may be asking, “what is that?” We’re always happy to share. Humanics is our unique philosophy that calls for the education of students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others. That means that we focus on helping students grow the whole person so they can serve as leaders in their communities, organizations, companies, or wherever their next steps take them.

We’re making the world better, starting with our corner of it.

Springfield College students provide more than 120,000 hours of community service annually. This is done through academic opportunities, such as our on-campus stroke therapy clinic for community members; clubs and organizations, which includes Habitat for Humanity and the Springfield College Outreach Committee; athletics, including Men’s Basketball Coach Charlie Brock’s reading program for students in Springfield Public Schools; and our Office of Student Volunteer Programs, which helps students locate and organize community service activities.

Check out our lakeside lifestyle.

Springfield College is located in picturesque New England and is situated on the shores of Lake Massasoit. Centrally located to a variety of attractions, restaurants, and entertainment venues, there’s always something to do. Across the lake is East Campus, which is 82 acres of forest ecosystem in the center of the city. With ropes courses, canoes, kayaks, and an outdoor fire pit with seating for 200, East Campus serves as an excellent experiential learning and teambuilding resource. Our reach doesn’t stop in Springfield. Our School of Professional and Continuing Studies also has regional campuses across the country.

Our alumni are employed across industries and the globe.

A Springfield College T-shirt at the airport or a Luther Gulick triangle bumper sticker on your car are bound to attract Springfield College alumni who have the same amount of passion for the College as when they were students. Our alumni stay in touch, even if they’re living in a different time zone. The Office of Alumni Relations and Career Center host networking events where students can meet alumni, make connections, and get leads for jobs and internships.

MASTER’S: Art Therapy/Counseling, Business Administration, Counseling (concentrations in clinical mental health, rehabilitation, and school counseling), Education (concentrations in Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Secondary Education, Special Education), Exercise Science & Sport Studies (programs in Athletic Training, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Sport & Exercise Psychology, Strength & Conditioning), Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Physical Education (programs in Athletic Administration, Adapted Physical Education, Advanced Level Coaching, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, Physical Education Licensure, and Advanced Pedagogy), Psychology (programs in Athletic Counseling, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Student Personnel in Higher Education), Social Work (Weekday, Weekend, MSW/JD), Sport Management & Recreation (concentrations in Recreation Management, Sport Management, Therapeutic Recreation Management). Social Work also offers a Post Master’s Degree Certificate program in Advanced Practice with Children and Adolescents.

DOCTORATE: Physical Education (specializations in Exercise Physiology, Sports & Exercise Psychology, Teaching & Administration), Physical Therapy, Counseling.

CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED GRADUATE STUDY: Counseling, Education, Physical Education, and Psychology.

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