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Elizabeth Russell, Assistant Provost Graduate Studies
M.A.: Art, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Applied Educational Psychology, Business & Organizational Security Management, Communication Arts, Communications Management, Counseling, Early Childhood Education, Education & Innovation, Gerontology, Global International Relations(11-month Global campus format), Health Care Management, Human Resources Development, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management, International Business, International Nongovernmental Organizations, International Relations, Legal Studies, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Mathematics for Educators, Media Communications, Media Literacy, Music, Nonprofit Leadership, Nonprofit Management, Procurement & Acquisitions Management, Public Relations, Reading, Social Science, Special Education, Teaching English as a Second Language.

M.A.T.: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Secondary Education.
Ed.S.: Education Specialist.

M.B.A.: Business Administration (General, Global).

M.E.T.: Educational Technology.

M.F.A.: Arts Management & Leadership.

M.H.A.: Health Administration.

M.M.: Music.

M.P.A.: Public Administration.

M.S.: Computer Science/Distributed Systems, Environmental Management, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Nurse Anesthesia, Science Management & Leadership, Space Systems Operations Management, U.S. Patent Practice.

M.S.N.: Nursing.

D.Mgt.: Management.

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Computer Science/Distributed Systems, Decision Support Systems, Government Contracting, Nonprofit Management, Web Services. EdS Certificate in Teacher Leadership, Education for Global Sustainability (EFGS), Online Teaching & Learning, Pedagogical Coordination in Reggio Emilia, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Gerontology, Healthcare Education, Healthcare Leadership, Intellectual Property Paralegal Studies, Nurse Educator, Nurse Leader, Paralegal Studies

M.A.: Business & Organizational Security Management, Communication Arts, Communications Management, Education & Innovation, Gerontology, Human Resources Management, Human Resources Development, International Relations, Management & Leadership, Procurement & Acquisitions Management, Public Relations, Social Science Education.
M.S.: Environmental Management, Finance.
M.E.T.: Educational Technology.
Ed.S.: Educational Leadership, School Systems, Superintendency & Leadership, Technology Leadership.

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